Wrestling is an ancient sport that has been contested at the Summer Olympic Games since the sport was introduced in the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. When the modern Olympic Games resumed in Athens in 1896, wrestling (in the form of Greco-Roman wrestling) became a focus of the Games. However, for women wrestling was introduced in 2004. Along with boxing, it is one of only two sports that still require participants to have amateur status to participate in the Olympics.

Wresting is also an ancient Indian sport and Indians have performed relatively well in the freestyle version  – commonly known as “catch as catch can”- winning 1 silver and 3 bronze medals across 10 Olympics.

Sandeep Tomar57 kg19 August
Yogeshwar Dutt65 kg21 August
Narsingh Pancham Yadav74 kg19 August
Ravinder Khatri85 kg15 August
Hardeep Singh98 kg16 August
Vinesh Phogat48 kg17 August
Babita Kumari53 kg 18 August
Sakshi Malik58 kg17 August