Men or Women? Whom should India send more to get medals?

Men or Women?  Who brings the Glory at Olympics for India?


India has participated in the Olympics since it was under the British regime in 1896 when Norman Pritchard gave them the first and till now the last two medals in athletics. But as an Independent nation we participated in the Olympics from 1948 onwards.

In the 17 Summer Olympic games since 1948 (not including 2016), India has sent almost 950 athletes to participate over a span of 60 years. Apart from the Hockey gold (8 of them) which contributes to 30% of our medal tally of just 26 medals, individual medals have been eluding us.

A total of 806 men have represented India, and if Hockey teams are taken out of the calculation 506 men have taken their chances to obtain a medal. But for such a huge representation by men, the contribution by them towards the medal tally has not been significant especially in individual events.


23 medals were procured by Men from India in which 11 have been from Hockey in the Pre and Post Independence era. Out of the 12 remaining medals Shooting and Wrestling are the dominant events where we get into the podium.

130 women athletes have participated over the span of 60 years with once the Women’s Hockey team qualifying for the Olympics in 1980. They have brought home a total of 3 medals (all of them bronze) which are from Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal (London 2012) and Karnam Malleshwary (Sydney 2000).

Men bring back 1.8 medals for every 100 sent to Olympics, where as women bring home 2.4 medals for every 100.

If we exclude the performance of India in hockey, Women have a much better chance of bringing back a medal for the country.