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India first played Hockey in 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, straight away bringing back home the gold. The medal streak continued till 1980 since when Indian hockey has been waning.


Why did India stop winning since 1980 in the Olympics?

  • Astro turf introduced in 70’s gave advantage to white players as it favored speed and power hockey. India never really adapted,  although Pakistan did – and won three world cups and an Olympic gold from 1975-94. Astro Turf makes hockey a speed and power game, instead of a skill intensive game.
  • Rules were changed to favor of Europeans teams and Australia, e.g. penalty corner, changes in off side rule were introduced.
Team -1Team -2DateTimeResult
IndiaIreland6 August07:30 PMIndia (3) vs Ireland (2)
GermanyIndia8 August07:30 PMIndia (1) vs Germany (2)
ArgentinaIndia9 August07:30 PMIndia(2) vs
Argentina (1)
NetherlandsIndia11 August07:30 PM
IndiaCanada12 August09:00 PM
JapanIndia7 August07:30 PMIndia(2) vs Japan(2)
IndiaGreat Britain8 August18:00India (0) vs Great Britain (3)
AustraliaIndia10 August11:00
United StatesIndia11 August19:30
IndiaArgentina13 August10:00