Athletics has been the central event at Olympics, ever since Olympics was introduced. Athletics was first contested in the 1st ancient Olympics games and champions have been recorded from as as far back as 776 BC. The first event contested in the ancient Olympic Games was the “stadium” race, a sprint of about 192 metres. Ancient events included longer foot races, a race in armour, and a pentathlon event that consisted of the “stadium” race, long jump, discus throw, javelin throw and wrestling. From 1900 to 1920, tug of war was considered to be part of the Olympic athletics. There are as many as 47 events in athletics in Rio 2016.

India kicked off its Olympics campaign in 1920 by sending Norman Pritchard who was of British ethnicity. He won the only 2 athletics medals in the Indian kitty.

With over 30 athletes across the two gender category representing India, athletics will be the largest unit for India at the Rio Olympics. Can we take the medal tally to 3?

Mohammad Anas400 m12 August
Jinsan Johnson800 m12 August
Mohammad Anas4 × 400 m relay19 August
Ayyasamy Dharun4 × 400 m relay19 August
Mohan Kumar4 × 400 m relay19 August
Lalit Mathur4 × 400 m relay19 August
Kunhu Muhammed4 × 400 m relay19 August
Arokia Rajiv4 × 400 m relay19 August
Thonakal GopiMarathon21 August
Kheta RamMarathon21 August
Nitendra Singh RawatMarathon21 August
Ganapathi Krishnan20 km walk12 August
Manish Singh20 km walk12 August
Gurmeet Singh20 km walk12 August
Sandeep Kumar50 km walk19 August
Manish Singh50 km walk19 August
Ankit SharmaLong jump12 August
Ranjith MaheswaryTriple jump15 August
Vikas GowdaDiscus throw12 August
Dutee Chand100 m12 August
Srabani Nanda 200 m15 August
Nirmala Sheoran400 m13 August
TINTU LUKA800 m17 August
LALITA BABAR3000 m steeplechase13 August
Sudha Singh3000 m steeplechase13 August
Ashwini Akkunji4 × 400 m relay19 August
Debashree Majumdar4 × 400 m relay19 August
Jisna Mathew4 × 400 m relay19 August
M. R. Poovamma4 × 400 m relay19 August
Nirmala Sheoran4 × 400 m relay19 August
Anilda Thomas4 × 400 m relay19 August
O. P. JaishaMarathon14 August
Kavita RautMarathon14 August
Khushbir Kaur20 km walk19 August
Sapna Punia20 km walk19 August
Manpreet KaurShot put12 August
Seema AntilDiscus throw15 August